The Crabtree Competition

Spring is a busy period for University shooting as it falls before any major exam periods.

This week, then, our sponsored team, the University of York Clay Pigeon Shooting Club visited their Age-old rivals, the University of Lancaster, at Crabtree Shooting Ground. This excellent ground is situated in the truly beautiful landscape between the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.

The day was eventually won by the Liverpool University team, a testament to the talent on display on an extremely challenging layout in particularly difficult (windy) conditions. If anyone is looking to test their skills on Sporting Clays, we can’t recommend Crabtree enough. Lancaster beat York this time around, with their shooters taking Male and Female High Gun. It’s still all to play for, however, as the teams will face one another again at Roses 2019.

Despite their age-old rivalry, these teams have always shared a commitment to engaging and developing new shooters, whatever their needs or situation.

York Guns has supported the UYCPSC for over half a decade now, and we’ve seen many members come and go from many backgrounds.

At the Lancaster competition, both sides displayed this commitment. Many of the York members this time around have only recently started shooting. They did, however, post respectable scores with the tutoring support of the club. Similarly, we live in a time when shooting needs to be reaching out to new audiences. Presenting a modern, inclusive and conscientious image, both teams delivered in spades.

Both sides played host to superb female shots, enthusiastic and driven members who have taken up valuable roles of leadership within them.

As a sponsor, we have helped the UYCPSC invest in equipment that has made them more accessible to everyone. From Beartooth Cheekpieces to stylish, embroidered Jack Pyke Gilets, Hull Cartridges and lightweight semi-auto shotguns, York Guns and the University of York Clay Pigeon Shooting Club work together to cater for different gunfits, tastes and needs.

It is important not just to pay lip-service to addressing the developing needs and audiences of our sport. Do your research, think critically about what you’re doing and always ask “How can we do this better?” The results will speak for themselves. We’re proud to support these active, engaged young people as they continue to make shooting a Sport for All.

Image Credits: Header: Sherwin Robinson, Body: David Farrimond

Crabtree Clay Shoot is located at:

Crabtree Farm, Crabtree Lane, Cow Brow, Carnforth LA6 1PJ


Easy Pheasant Curry

Easy Pheasant Curry

With the Game season over and freezers full we’re all looking for new ways to use our favourite quarry. This recipe comes to me from my dad- who I assume got it from somewhere else- and is perfect as a flavourful, simple dish to satisfy everyone.

As this is a family recipe and subject to taste, don’t expect precise measurements- experiment, play and see what suits you best.


Here’s what I used to make a Mild curry for my student household:

  • Butter
  • 1x Brown Onion
  • “An Amount” of Garlic
  • 4x Pheasant Breasts (Chopped)
  • Mild (Or Medium) Curry powder
  • 1x Red Pepper
  • 1x Green Pepper
  • 1x Tin Chopped Tomatoes
  • 1/2 Tin Coconut Milk
  • Sharwood’s Mango Chutney

The best part? All these ingredients cost less than a fiver to feed four people.


Brown your Onion and Garlic in oil with a knob of butter. Throw in your chopped pheasant, frying in a medium to high heat. Take care and don’t burn your pheasant.

When browned, mix in your curry powder. I used about half a pot of the stuff added over the course of cooking, but again, this is one of those “personal preference” things.

When the curry powder has coated and coloured your pheasant, mix in the chopped peppers and tomatoes. Stir and let this cook for a bit, and the resulting sauce should be a dark orange. Mix in your coconut milk (about half a tin will do) and over the next 10-15 minutes stir in Mango Chutney to taste.

Your curry should have a mild spice and a very fruity flavour, complimenting the rich flavour of pheasant well. What I love about this recipe is how cheap it is, how much of it can be done “By eye” with no complex ingredients or preparation, and how it accounts for the potential dryness of fried Pheasant.

Best served with Basmati Rice for a good base that will absorb the sauce.

The York Cup

At York Guns we’re always doing our best to get young people into the shooting sports.

To do this we support small clubs and societies from York and the surrounding area. It’s why we’re proud to sponsor the University of York Clay Pigeon Shooting Club and support them in their endeavours. This included, most recently, their annual York Cup competition.

Graced with glorious weather and excellent attendance, with representatives from Hull, Nottingham, Lancaster and Durham Universities. Twenty-four shooters from York, including Alumni, attended, therefore making this well organised and challenging competition a wholehearted success. It is a testament to the genuine care and dedication of the organisers, and to the enthusiasm of young people in our sport today.

As a 75 Bird sporting competition, capped off with a 100-bird team flush, there was something for everyone.

A hand-picked variety of targets provide a superb mix and tests of different skills, from quick loading to technical shooting.

The day also had something for gun connoisseurs, too. University competitions host shooters from a range of backgrounds, abilities and people with a range of tastes, and therefore provide a unique range of guns. Ancient Browning Auto-5s made an appearance. Greener GPs and Remington 1100s saw action. Numerous Mirokus, Brownings, Berettas and Fabarms that have previously graced our shop floor proved effective on the sporting layout.

The University was well represented in the standings, with York Alumni taking High Gun and Best Flush Team.

Nottingham University took a well-deserved win on the 75-bird sporting layout. Their President Georgina Barratt also shot superbly to win Ladies’ High Gun.

Prizes were provided by the University Club, with York Guns donating a pair of Howard Leight Electronic Ear Defenders as the team prize. It makes us proud to see so many participating in and enjoying shooting in a safe, professional manner. These people are the future of our sport and we hope to see more successes in the future.