Easy Pheasant Curry

With the Game season over and freezers full we’re all looking for new ways to use our favourite quarry. This recipe comes to me from my dad- who I assume got it from somewhere else- and is perfect as a flavourful, simple dish to satisfy everyone.

As this is a family recipe and subject to taste, don’t expect precise measurements- experiment, play and see what suits you best.


Here’s what I used to make a Mild curry for my student household:

  • Butter
  • 1x Brown Onion
  • “An Amount” of Garlic
  • 4x Pheasant Breasts (Chopped)
  • Mild (Or Medium) Curry powder
  • 1x Red Pepper
  • 1x Green Pepper
  • 1x Tin Chopped Tomatoes
  • 1/2 Tin Coconut Milk
  • Sharwood’s Mango Chutney

The best part? All these ingredients cost less than a fiver to feed four people.


Brown your Onion and Garlic in oil with a knob of butter. Throw in your chopped pheasant, frying in a medium to high heat. Take care and don’t burn your pheasant.

When browned, mix in your curry powder. I used about half a pot of the stuff added over the course of cooking, but again, this is one of those “personal preference” things.

When the curry powder has coated and coloured your pheasant, mix in the chopped peppers and tomatoes. Stir and let this cook for a bit, and the resulting sauce should be a dark orange. Mix in your coconut milk (about half a tin will do) and over the next 10-15 minutes stir in Mango Chutney to taste.

Your curry should have a mild spice and a very fruity flavour, complimenting the rich flavour of pheasant well. What I love about this recipe is how cheap it is, how much of it can be done “By eye” with no complex ingredients or preparation, and how it accounts for the potential dryness of fried Pheasant.

Best served with Basmati Rice for a good base that will absorb the sauce.