Hi, my name is Ian and ‘yes’ I work for York Guns. I have been asked to write a blog regarding an Introduction to Reloading by my boss Kerry – and after much soft soaping from her I have agreed.

My experience spans some 50 years of Target, Deer and Vermin shooting and  will happily share this with you– and I also aware that many of you will have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I have never professed to know everything so don’t take the impression that I am a Super Guru on this subject, I still retain the ability to learn from others.

Remember! ‘There is only one stupid question’ and that’s the one you never asked, so never be afraid to ask. We all learn by our mistakes the trick is to listen, read and research.

I hope you find my monthly blogs informative and enjoyable and sometimes even funny, this will be not only be about reloading but also some points of Law that you need to know and understand. I will try and put things into sections for ease of understanding.

Introduction to Reloading
Introduction to reloading

I must start with a WARNING you must understand that I have no control over your action’s your’s and other’s safety is paramount if you are going to reload your own ammunition. YOU are solely responsible for it.

Whether you reload for accuracy or cheapness, safety is the priority you must have in your mind.

Right – let’s get started:

Equipment Requirements:

Whatever calibre you are reloading for either Rifle or Pistol the procedure is basically the same and so are the components;

  • Bullet
  • Powder
  • Case
  • Primer

Judge Dredge ( I know Dredd ) Time – these items on their own do NOT constitute ammunition but once assembled it DOES, be mindful of the fact that if you only have the authority to hold 100 of any specific calibre you are loading for. If you load 101 you are breaking the Law by the conditions on your certificate and some police forces are a little over zealous about these things. SO, DON’T TAKE THE RISK!

Reloading kits come in various makes and prices. If you are unsure whether reloading is for you but want to give it a go, then I recommend to buy a Lee starter kit its cheap and worth it and for around £390 you can be reloading your first 100 rounds of ammunition. (based on current prices at the time of writing and for .223/5.56mm).

  • Press kit
  • Dies
  • Powder (Vihtavouri) N140
  • Primers (1000) Federal Small
  • Cases (S&B)
  • Bullets (55 grain) Sierra FMJ

Irrespective of what kit you buy you can always add to it once you have started, it is addictive and enjoyable. Whatever equipment you buy or where you buy it from keep it clean and look after it. My advice would be to listen to others and read as much as you can before you make any expensive decisions on equipment. I will not sell you anything I do not use, or you don’t need. When first starting out try and keep to the minimum of pound per pound outlay as some kits can be more than £1000.00.

This is my first blog so be as critical as you like or dare! I hope you found it helpful, I’ve tried not to over swamp with technical information, as if you are new to reloading it can be tricky to get your head round things.

If you wish to talk to me in person I am here from Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 – 17.00 unless I am in Scotland slaughtering innocent animals and eating them. It is a little harder than Asda as they don’t come pre-wrapped in cling film.