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Percussion Clothing came to our attention here at York Guns for its Practicality, Affordability and unique design. As a company they pride themselves on producing effective clothing for any kind of hunting or outdoor activity. Highly attentive to detail, Percussion products are subject to strict manufacturing and quality control. When you buy anything from the Percussion range, you can be certain of their quality and suitability for your purpose.

From boots to bags, from trousers to t-shirts, Percussion Clothing provides it all. With 4 different materials to deal with any weather situation, and the Exclusive GhostCamo camouflage system specifically designed for our natural environment, Percussion clothing does it all.

This page is devoted to Percussion products at York Guns Ltd. Scroll down for news, reviews and our full product range…

Percussion Clothing Size Guide

Fabric: At the heart of the quality of Percussion Clothing

Choosing your hunting outfit always depends on one essential factor: the weather. There is a specific Percussion range for each weather condition. Each range is designed from a fabric that is perfectly adapted to the expected temperature and rainfall.

  • Polycotton: Perfectly adapted for early season shooting, or milder conditions. Offers unbeatable value for money thanks to a water-resistant treatments, allowing it to resist light rain showers.
  • Impertane: Percussion exclusive fabric, this is Polycotton treated with multi-layer waterproofing on both sides. Supple, resistant and easy to maintain.
  • Skintane Optimum: Another Percussion Exclusive, 100% Polyester fabric laminated with a waterproof and breathable membrane. Completely waterproof and whisper quiet.
  • Softshell: A 3-layer material that is waterproof and breathable.