Steel Core Designs- Committed to Excellence

The directors of Steel Core Designs Ltd. have over 45 years experience working in the defence industry, designing and manufacturing precision rifles for the civilian, law enforcement and military sectors.

They have used their experience to create 3 new and exciting tactical rifle designs; offering unrivalled accuracy, comfort, ease of operation and above all safety. Their rifle range offers a variety of unique features as well as using a proven 4-lug bolt locking system, with a unique and innovative firing pin system. Computer 3D modelling, CNC machining techniques and materials make this their strongest, safest and most reliable action ever.

At York Guns Ltd we’re proud to offer these unique, cutting edge firearms to our customers!

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Key Features:

  • Our receivers use a rugged, high tensile steel 4-lug bolt, incorporating an innovative firing pin system. The short firing pin travel enables a very fast locktime (firing pin release to primer impact) of around 1.5 milliseconds.This improves rifle control during the firing cycle.
  • Steel Core Designs (SCD) barrels are produced to a very high quality match grade specification, fluted for improved heat dissipation and rifle balance. Barrels are coated with Teflon and are threaded at the muzzle for easy attachment and detachment of the muzzle brake and/or the fitment of suppressor.
  • Heavy recoil plate system is located into both the action body and rifle stock. This feature reduces flexing of the stock structure, assists in rifle accuracy, and enhances recoil management.
  • Low friction and wear resistant VDP coatings reduce the need for lubrication. The weapons are ideally suited for the extremes of heat, cold, damp and dry dusty conditions found in current operational environments.
  • A high quality trigger is vital to enable shooter and rifle to perform together. All SCD triggers have a 2 stage operation, first and second pull, factory set to 1.5 kg pull weight. The release is both crisp and predictable, and maintenance requirement is minimal.The complete trigger unit can be readily removed for cleaning.
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