At York Guns we’re always doing our best to get young people into the shooting sports.

To do this we support small clubs and societies from York and the surrounding area. It’s why we’re proud to sponsor the University of York Clay Pigeon Shooting Club and support them in their endeavours. This included, most recently, their annual York Cup competition.

Graced with glorious weather and excellent attendance, with representatives from Hull, Nottingham, Lancaster and Durham Universities. Twenty-four shooters from York, including Alumni, attended, therefore making this well organised and challenging competition a wholehearted success. It is a testament to the genuine care and dedication of the organisers, and to the enthusiasm of young people in our sport today.

As a 75 Bird sporting competition, capped off with a 100-bird team flush, there was something for everyone.

A hand-picked variety of targets provide a superb mix and tests of different skills, from quick loading to technical shooting.

The day also had something for gun connoisseurs, too. University competitions host shooters from a range of backgrounds, abilities and people with a range of tastes, and therefore provide a unique range of guns. Ancient Browning Auto-5s made an appearance. Greener GPs and Remington 1100s saw action. Numerous Mirokus, Brownings, Berettas and even the odd Mossberg that have previously graced our shop floor proved effective on the sporting layout.

The University was well represented in the standings, with York Alumni taking High Gun and Best Flush Team.

Nottingham University took a well-deserved win on the 75-bird sporting layout. Their President Georgina Barratt also shot superbly to win Ladies’ High Gun.

Prizes were provided by the University Club, with York Guns donating a pair of Howard Leight Electronic Ear Defenders as the team prize. It makes us proud to see so many participating in and enjoying shooting in a safe, professional manner. These people are the future of our sport and we hope to see more successes in the future.